Its just been a year since India upgraded to 4G and here is 5G, but don’t your horses racing.

MWC 2019 had some surprising products at display, right from Foldable Phones, Hololens for Enterprise and Smart phones with a lots and lots of cameras, feather lite laptops.

But one thing that has been consistent throughout MWC is people and companies showing products enabled with 5G.

While most Companies started working on 5G since mid 2017, there are a few that stand out in terms of network, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei.

4G was a big level up, with huge investments done by corporations, but 5G will require even more.

While a lot of devices manufactured in 2019 will have 5G chips in place, it wont be of much use, because there is no infrastructure to support it.

Here are some Questions you might have:

Can my 4G phone run 5G?

Why is 5G infrastructure so costly?

Is Jio going to provide 5G?

When will India get 5G?

Should I buy a 5G phone?

I already have 5G wifi at home, is it the same?

What changes will 5G bring in my life?

Why is 5G called network of things?

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