A lot of people seem to be confused between 5G and their 5GHz wifi connection.

5G and 5GHz WiFi are both wireless connectivity solutions, but they are way different in how they work.

What is 5G?

Just like 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE as it is called, 5G is the 5th generation of cellular connectivity. While 4G theoretically maxes out at 100 Mbps, the new tech is supposed to deliver close to 3 Gbps, with much lower latency compared to the 4G connectivity.

Unlike 4G, 5G could also become a home internet connectivity solution by installing a 5G device at your home, some of which have already been displayed at MWC.

Least to say, 5G will bring about a lot changes.

Now, what is 5GHz Wifi?

If you use of the modern age WiFi routers, you will see two WiFi names (called SSID) pop up, one usually being your WiFi’s name and another being WiFi name 5G.

Modern WiFi’s work on two frequencies 2.4GHz which quite conventional, and other one, newer one is 5GHz.

2.4G WiFi is compatible with all devices whereas 5G WiFi is only compatible with newer devices. In terms of bandwidth, 5G Wifi is meant to give you more bandwidth but lower range.

So just in case you are experiencing loss in speeds or high latency on the 2.4G WiFi, connecting to 5GHz would be a wiser choice.

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