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Google IO 19 live

10:30 : Sundar pichai arrives, talks about the busy time the team has had with google cloud next. says,” we are moving from a company which gives you answers to a company which gets things done for you.” adds “building…

Net neutrality facing threat in India

Net neutrality is under threat in india.
I hope you are familiar with Net Neutrality, If you were on the internet in 2015, when Airtel started charging separately for making VO-IP calls using Whatsapp and other messengers. Net Neutrality restored: Huge forces of people came together right…

Does my 4G phone support 5G?

image representation of a phone.
Answering this in Lay man’s terms, each generation of cellular connectivity has been different in the way it functions and yes, it requires Hardware compatible with it. Remember when 4G came out and you searched the same. Newer phones support…