Let’s just admit that blogs can be a pain to read, and more often then so they are just a waste of time, here is the list of Types of Blogs I can’t read and Why?

1. Click Baits

These are the most annoying articles, let’s just admit we have all come across such blogs which promise a “mind blowing ” title, something like “What she did next will blow your mind” , ” Mom Kills her son, know why” and when you click it is just awful content.

Click Bait blogs are annoying and that is why I cannot read them.

2. One paragraph Blogs:

Like how did you even write it? Some blogs stretch to infinity and beyond, like, don’t you have some work?

Such blogs are an instant no no, Single paragraphs are hard to read and to make sense of, classifying the information into levels helps the user to chose what to read and what not to read.

Small paragraphs, help user to understand and relate stuff by giving them a clear boundary between topic changes.

3. Unstructured Blogs:

I am sure you have come across a blog which didn’t have introduction, or mentions details about stuff which is referenced in the last paragraph.

Each piece ( blog or an article) has broadly three components, “Introduction” , “Body” , “Conclusion”, unless it is a series blog.

Structured approach makes for an easy learning curve, unstructured content can most often lead to confusion.

Confusion is why I cannot read these blogs, I have seen this with top Writers as well.

4. Blogs with Tharoorian English:

We understand that you might be a PhD in English Literature and can understand obsolete words which can only be recognised by some literary scholars, but most people don’t.

Blogging Experts suggest that you should write at the reading level of a 9th grader, because an average reader has the vocabulary of a 9th grader.

Writing words like ‘cynical’ , ‘narcissist’ and ‘dainty’, might make you a favourite amongst a niche community of people who understand this, but to others it just sounds like “covfefe“.

5. Blogs that are too formal!

If it is coming from a billion dollar company formal blogs might be okay, but when i am reading your review on something, or your opinion, i need something which is more humane, not hollow.

Use slang, make it feel like a conversation, it helps, make your blog less robotic.

You never want to read an article which sounds like your boss, Do you? I know I wouldn’t read it.

6. Blogs that are unnecessarily long

All of us have read ” Top 10 ” type of blogs where the author goes out of content somewhere after the 5th or 6th point, but because he/she has to put up a title with “top 10”, he/she adds extra crap points.

Writing less might not be a good SEO strategy, but definitely not at the cost of Reader’s annoyance.

If you found anything annoying about this blog, just write it down.

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