Here, death doesn’t necessarily mean literal death, but more of a subjective death.

I am going to discuss about when does a social media die, this is mostly about Facebook, the social network I started using in 2010, it has been 9 years since i first started and well, a lot has changed.

A subjective death is visible when users post’s reach falls significantly even after having huge following, in Facebook’s case there have been some extremely popular users with millions in following not even getting close to a 1% of reach, making all of those years building followers on the platform useless.

Understanding why that happens is important:

  1. There is sooooo much of content being posted on these networks, if every user follows 1000 people, and generates 1 min of content everyday, but only gives about 100 minutes in view time, this is where the problem arises.
  2. More content, not enough people to watch.
  3. Second reason is social networks focusing on interest group content more than on user content, remember how you see more content on your Facebook feed from pages and less and less from your actual friends.
  4. And as there is enough overwhelming amount of content, new user discoverability stops, so you don’t get to see content from small content creators.
  5. As the popularity of the platform increases, more and more advertisers hop onto the platform, and that takes up content space too.

All of the above points do exist and are interrelated, solving one harms another.

Well, this is not the end yet, engagement is still high, because well there is still a lot of content flowing, which keeps the users engaged.

But slowly people stop creating content on the existing platform and switch to the one where it is easy to get noticed, in facebook’s reference that platform was Instagram, and same process of death is lurking around instagram,

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