10:30 :

Sundar pichai arrives, talks about the busy time the team has had with google cloud next.

says,” we are moving from a company which gives you answers to a company which gets things done for you.”

adds “building a more helpful google for everyone.”

10:37 :

Google News full coverage, it helps you surf through all of the news from all publications.

Podcasts are coming to google search, can be an indication to voice search and growing audio consumption.

10:39 :

Visuals in Google search,

Camera is added to google search, basically google lens for google search.

Integrates AR and google lens in one.

3D modelling added to google search.


Google lens get’s integrated with search and search snippets, maps and more physical interactions.

Google lens helps with restaurant reviews and popular dishes, also splits the bill.

Google translate integrated with Google Lens, something we have been waiting since the days of Google Glass.

Google lens helps with reading the language and then speaks the same in your language.

10:50 :

Sundar pichai talks about Google Duplex, talks about making a reservation for a restaurant, which obviously wasn’t rolled out.

Google Duplex will have the power of filling out a registration form for you as displayed in the keynote, with reserving a car from a car rental service, this feature is being called Duplex on the web.

Sundar talks about how NLP was done, and how Deep learning has made it easy to compress 100GB of models into 0.5 GB so now it can rest on your phone.

22:55 :

Google assistant demo, basic commands from 2018, some new integrations with large third party apps.

All of these commands were continuous, doesn’t need “okay, google” everytime.

Google photos integrated with Google photos, so it can search using NLP.

Google Mail data integrated with Google Assistant, so it can smartly give you all the information form your inbox.

Google assistant can now differentiate between commands/actions and sentences.

11:00 :

Google Assistant gives personalized result based on location, now for recipes, podcasts and events.

This personalized feature is called “Picks for you”

Using the Knowledge Graph, adding, people and places to the google assistance, can help you have more humane conversations.

Assistance integrated in Google Maps and coming to Waze.

Assistance will have a ‘ Driving Mode’ , it will have most useful activities right on the screen and if there are any reservations or some route you follow on that time usually, it will suggest you shortcuts.

Google Assistance on Google Home and Smart Displays can stop alarms and alerts by just saying “STOP”.

11:07 :

Sundar is back, focuses on “for everyone”, talks about cheap laptops( chromebook ) and cheap smartphones (Android one ).

Talks about building AI for Everyone. Talks about removing the natural bias of humans in AI, talks about new evaluation method called T-cap.

11:02 :

Talks about privacy, and privacy settings.

Privacy settings can now be accessed from most of Google Apps, it will give Application specific privacy settings.

Users will be able to chose how long can google store your Data, for 12 months, 36 months, after that the data gets deleted from Google’s servers.

Incognito mode for Maps, where Google doesn’t collect data.

Google wants to use small amount of data and give most relevant results, Federated Learning helps gathers processed data from many users and genertes a global model, it is much faster than on-device learning.

11:18 :

Google for people with Disabilities, talks about live transcribe, which translates the speech to text instantaneously, and the other person can choose to type it back.

Live Caption is available for captioning all of the content, like videos, podcasts, etc.

Smart response and Smart compose for Dumb and Deaf people, caller’s speech is converted to text and the user can type in the response. it is being called live transcibe.

Project Euphonia, for people with speech problems or no way to express themselves. Utilises other senses, face recognition and other abilities for people to express themselves. This is still under development.

11:28 :

Android Q, Digital well being to be focused.

Screen continuity

5G phones

On device processing

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