So you have been hearing about 5G for a while and are wondering how fast could it be, I have answered all of your doubts, comparing the growth in speeds and how fast will it actually feel.

Each generation of Cellular connectivity has been faster and better over the previous one. Similarly, 5G is going to be a significant improvement over 4G.

Stats for nerds:

Generation of cellular connectivityTheoretical max speed
1G14.4 Kbps
2G50 Kbps
2.5G160 Kbps
2.75G1 Mbps
3G7.2 Mbps
3G+42 Mbps
4G100 Mbps
4G+300 Mbps
5G10 Gbps

I understand that it can get pretty difficult to make sense of numbers, So I have some graphs for you.

Graph showing growth from 1G to 4G advanced:

graph comparing speed growth from 1G to 4G+
Speed growth from 1G to 4G+

Graph above shows the growth of internet speeds from 1G to 4G+ and the graph grows exponentially from 3G.

The reason of not showing 5G here was to preserve and display the nature of curve before 5G.

Graph showing growth from 1G to 5G:

Graph showing the nature of growth from 4G to 5G

The exponential growth from 4G+ to 5G is quite evident in terms of theoretical max speed and also the actual speed that you will be able to consume.

What will Improve with 5G?

The speed and latency will improve manyfolds, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to see visible differences.

No your Netflix experience wont change, except this will bring around smooth 4K and 8K streaming in the future.

But as the speeds improve, web will evolve itself into a powerhouse of web – based cloud processing applications, this could mean that you would be able to run huge applications on low-end devices.

With the Drop in Latency, Game Streaming to low end devices is going to improve with VR and 3D files becoming a common phenomenon.

Want to know why there wont be a major change instantly? Comment below.

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