India has started getting really active in terms of digital marketing from the past two years, mainly due to Jio’s expansion and digital ads from big startups.

A lot of people are still skeptical if going Digital is as needed as it is portrayed or can digital marketing actually drive sales, will i get enough leads, etc….

I will try to answer all your questions in separate blog posts, just let me know your doubts, but let us first understand “How Important is Digital Marketing in 2019?”

Indian General Elections are going on and I will use examples from marketing campaigns of BJP:

Let’s jump back to 2014:

I was 16, naive and an avid Facebook user, and a viewer of some of the most brilliantly targeted content from BJP.

I specifically remember all of the meme pages posting BJP campaigns, some even changing their names to Support Modi, this made a great impact by gaining organic reach.

Do you remember this campaign?

This campaign was all over television channels and then was repeatedly shared by all the meme pages and then followed the memes like the ones below:

janata maaf nahi karegi| BJP TVC MEMES| how important is Digital Marketing in 2019

These memes created a thing termed as “RECALL“, in simple words it means, making the user see the brand repeatedly and trying to position it firmly in the users mind, and no doubt, BJP did it well.

Though the number of internet users was considerably lower in 2014, but it was the creme audience and investing into it proved right for BJP.

Campaigns BJP did in 2014:

  • abki baar modi sarkaar
  • janata maaf nahi karegi
  • sabka saath, sabka vikaas

Digital marketing brought affirmation in the minds of people who were going to BJP in 2014. It was helpful in positioning BJP as a party which wanted change, and it worked well for them.

Does this mean, Digital Marketing alone is enough?

Definitely not, Digital Marketing added with other forms of marketing, a strong personality of Mr, Modi and the ability to twitch the pain points of majority indians made it a success.

Back to 2019:

Fast forward 5 years, a lot has changed, India now has close to half a billion people on Internet ( 461,347,554 to be precise ), most of them have access to high speed internet, and they consume more content than ever, what does this mean?

This means, contrary to 2014 when most of internet users were pretty young, now it is a good mix of people with varied demographics, consuming more content gives more possibility of ads / content, and high speed connectivity means, they are also accessing video streaming services, where video ads (non-skip able) can be shown.

Meme pages are still churning out content, but this year, BJP is going very very personal (targeting every segment of voters ), which is definitely possible using facebook ads and google ads.

Meme create negative content for other parties pulling them down and campaigns create positive image for BJP, benefits on both sides.


  • my first vote for modi
  • phirse ek baar modi sarkaar
  • my vote for modi
  • mai bhi chowkidaar

2019 ads:

1. Youth

If you observe, these campaigns show progressive youth, with great production quality and modern sound effects. I would definitely term them as “cool ads”.

2. Farmers:

Hit them where it pains the hardest. But, i guess farmers have become smart enough

3. Binge Watchers:

Yes, BJP pulled off a Web series.

4. Language specific ads

The same ads have been created in a lot of major languages targeting all sections of the society rich, poor, middle-class.

What platforms are being used:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. TikTok
  4. Mx Player
  5. Youtube

and definitely many more local apps.

Will this ensure a clear win?

Marketing doesn’t ensure sales, marketing gets the product out to customers, it does impact the decision, after all the sale comes only when the product seems deserving.


If Digital marketing can impact elections in largest democracy of the world, It definitely will impact your industry.

– maine khud likha hai

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