I am sure you have started to transition / transitioned from watching shows on Television Sets to one of many video streaming platforms.

This change of viewership has been enabled widely because of cheaper data rates fuelled by Jio’s Disruption.

Each TV network has established an Online Video Streaming Service or is in the process to do so, named below:

  1. Zee5
  2. Voot
  3. Viu
  4. ullu
  5. AltBalaji
  6. ErosNow
  7. spull
  8. SonyLiv

Did not mention Netflix and Amazon Prime because it would have been too obvious.

Most of these platforms rose to fame quite instantly and that is what we are going to discuss now.

How is Lust Involved?

There are only two things that drive humans crazy, namely “lust” and “money”, while food delivery startups chose “money” , OTT (over the top) platforms chose “LUST”.

These platforms take a huge amount of Tech effort to setup and definitely the cost of production for content is high as well, all of these platforms needed viewership.

The only way to achieve quick viewership was to make and advertise content soooooo good that people would want to watch it and also pay for it.

Lust was their answer,

AltBalaji started with ” Ragini MMS Returns

Viu started with ” Love, Lust and Confusion

Zee5 with ” Karenjit Kaur- Sunny Leone’s Biopic

Ullu is a completely B-grade Video Streaming app

Voot is bringing ” Fuh se Fantasy

Netflix with ” Sacred Games

Amazon Prime with ” Mirzapur

and then obviously to retain that audience, they had to keep producing some more of lust based content, Alt-balaji is full of such content, while it is still trying to get back to mainstream content.

While older platforms like SonyLiv , ErosNow and Voot already have an established audience and aren’t targeting new customers by lust based content, they are definitely moving towards making better mainstream shows, improving the production quality and in cases (Metro Park) targeting niche audience.

Every new platform will have to go trough this phase and then build upon it, that’s how the OTT platforms work.

Some good news though, you can watch all of “Eros now”, “Disney” and Alt Balaji’s content for free on Jio Cinema.

Happy Binging.

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