I hope you are familiar with Net Neutrality, If you were on the internet in 2015, when Airtel started charging separately for making VO-IP calls using Whatsapp and other messengers.

Net Neutrality restored:

Huge forces of people came together right from normal people like you and me to people with power and social influence, after which TRAI passed “Prohibition of Discriminatory Tariffs for Data Services Regulations, 2016”.

Lot has changed:

But in the last two years, a lot has changed in telecommunications, There were 11 telecom companies in 2016 to just 4 in 2019.

RankOperatorMarket Share
1Vodafone Idea Ltd.34.58%
3Airtel (Including Tata DoCoMo)30.19% (28.75% + 1.44%)
4BSNL & MTNL10.11% (9.82% + 0.29%)

With JIO, being only profitable company amongst others, is why I am worried about net neutrality.

Growing Influence of Jio:

Also, Jio is expanding it’s horizon in terms of Fibre Services, Jio Fibre has been silently expanding, without a buzz, it is available in a lot of metro and tier-2 cities.

Expansion has already started showing impact on local ISP, with a lot of them shutting down or bought over by Jio, remaining few are struggling to provide connectivity. why are they struggling to provide connectivity is one another article, read here.

Now, considering Jio’s expansion in next one year there will be a huge chunk of people consuming data from Jio, and with other companies falling, it raises a question of monopoly of a country’s network infrastructure.

Already ISP’s help companies like Netflix to set up caching centres to deliver latency free experience, which gives an advantage over other service providers. Know how they do it.

Political influence and Net Neutrality:

With the current regime’s influence on the Internet it is hard to believe that they will not influence ISPs, example how they started their own television channel overnight.

And when such huge amount of crowd can be reached from single point of contact, that influence is bound to come.

The situation is still mild, net neutrality is still being upheld, let’s just try not to make JIO the only ISP in this country.

Monopoly helps busineeses,

Hurts the consumer.

All I would suggest is paying 35 bucks a month wont hurt you, keep paying, that price is the price of your Freedom on the Internet.

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