Experience of finding an Individualist in today’s world.

So I met this guy on an exploration for one of the last railway station’s which still sells cardboard tickets, but that is a story for some other day. Less did I know that I would be more surprised by someone else more than the actual tickets.

Wasn’t expecting much of a scene but the colonial reminiscent layed in a dilapidated condition. reduced to a flag station by Western Railways, this station didn’t receive more than a couple of travellers everyday.

Supedi colonial Railway Station built under Gondal Bapu Reign

The only question was, why would someone be willing to sell tickets here, when the average payout was only about 25 bucks a day.

Our conversation started with him asking, where I was from? Clearly because I was the only one wearing shorts in the 100 km radius, we still had around 15 minutes before the ticket window would open. So he invited me for a tea break at a tea stall nearby.

Ticket counter at Supedi colonial railway station

He picked up the newspaper and quickly asked, “is there a crackdown on weed sellers in Surat?”, now that was weird coming from guy covered in dirt, living in a collapsed structure. I wasn’t talking about the weed, him being fluent in English was astounding.

He then ordered a cup of tea, while I took a few shots of him, one of which has garnered a lot of attention on Instagram.

His name is Ravi, a bramhin kid who took up bramhacharya (celibacy). Ravi studied till 10th and started working for Western Railways about 15 years ago. He recalls giving out tickets for 17 trains on the route which has now decreased to just 2 since the past two years.

His entire day revolves around cleaning, feeding and playing around with the dogs that he has raised, imagine doing that for a decade.

In true sense, he lives in one of the few surviving colonial properties, feeds dogs, chills out on the nearby premises, keeps distance from unwanted people, and helps others by offering his services.

I wish I can attain half the level of self-dependence or become a part of an individualist that he is.

And oh, about the tickets you ask, I definitely bought a lot of them, but that is a different story.

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