Most kids are extremely excited about new age careers like Digital Marketing, Design, Photography.

And a part of the reason is that they only get to see the output, they see a great marketing campaign from coca-cola or apple or from anyone, or some design from a dude who rocks Dribbble or some incredible picture from Peter Mckinnon.

And there is nothing wrong in getting inspired by any of that, well, i guess end result is what motivates everyone to start.

What these highly motivated people fail to anticipate is the amount of hard work and experience and also the background activities which aren’t visible.

I will elaborate what happens when you start with digital marketing, well because that is something that I have been doing for the past two years.

What you think Digital Marketing is : A fun thing, where you can do creative stuff, work from anywhere and an easy job which pays a lot.

What you see : A well executed campaign by some big company, the number of people following it, the number likes it garners.

What you don’t see : Number of people needed for it, each person’s individual role, the time needed for the campaign, the amount of funding for it, and the outcomes of the campaign.

More than creativity, digital marketing is about strategy, numbers and execution, and all of the three take long time to master.

Digital Marketing is broadly three Games :

  1. SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation )
  2. SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )
  3. SMM (Social Media Marketing )

I am not writing the definitions here because you can obviously google them, while the definitions look extremely easy, implementation and Strategy is what makes all of it hard, also sometimes these projects extend for 4-6 months and sometimes the tasks can be repetitive.


It depends a lot on Content Creation and Optimizing the same content for a Search Engine, a lot of research goes into researching the topic and related keywords, even before the actual writing starts. Researching the end user/customer and writing content that they understand can be difficult.

Even while you put all your efforts, to understand if it even worked you will have to wait for months. SEO is not for people who need Instant Gratification.

P.S. most of the times you will have to research about products and topics you will have zero relation to, and that is where it usually gets scary.


This is the one and only factor which gives quick results, because of course you are paying Search Engines to rank you higher than everyone else.

But what we fail to anticipate is that, this to be a successful campaign, you need an extremely clear picture of who your user is, understanding their behavior, demographics and coming up with that one line visible on google, which will force them to click on the link.


This is again an extremely challenging one, the growth of a person on social media is way better, because people like connecting with other people, but when you do SMM for some client, nobody wants to follow a page which sells a juicer or a bottle of gas.

Here again designing a content strategy that works for the right audience is extremely necessary, in SMM content is still the king, with precedence video > image > text > links.

So, the next time you see a brand running an amazing digital marketing campaign, try to analyze what goes behind executing it, also, you wont be anywhere near that brand or clients who will spend that amount of money on campaigns in the inital years of your career.

I did’nt want this to be longer than this, so just in case you want to know more or have any queries, contact me at or dm me on instagram at

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